Springhill Correctional Facility


Springhill, Waikato


Mainzeal/ Economech Services Ltd

The Spring Hill Correctional Facility design is consistent with modern international models, and is significantly different from traditional prisons. It incorporates features that are intended to be the most effective in terms of safety, security and rehabilitation.

The prison is basically a series of buildings within a large, secure perimeter. Six accommodation buildings, each housing 88 prisoners, are clustered around centrally located services, such as kitchens, industry areas and programme rooms. At the north end of the site, self-care units, each housing four prisoners, provide a flatting-type arrangement that helps prepare them for life in the community. There is also a separate youth facility.

A recreational area is positioned in the centre of the site, along with service facilities, training and visit buildings, including two cultural centres – the Whare Hui and Pacific Islands Fale.


In terms of sheer volume of materials, including the laying of 75000 metres of Rehau pipe, this was one of Plumbcraft’s larger projects. As with any large-scale projects, small variations in productivity show in cost savings or blow-outs very markedly.



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