Fonterra Coldstore

Address: Te Rapa, Hamilton

Client: Haydn & Rollett

Fonterra commissioned the project, one of the larger coldstore buildings built in the country, to be constructed at their existing Dry Store Hub.

The development consisted of a purpose-built 20,500 square metre coldstore hub and associated plant/engine rooms.

One of the main concerns for Fonterra was the longevity of the flooring and its ability to withstand the low temperatures required for dairy storage.

Plumbcraft approached the main contractors, Hayden and Rollett Construction early in the design process offering a ‘Design and Build’ solution. They worked together with FusionHVAC to install Fonterra’s first REHAU Hydronic Underfloor Heating System.


What made this project stand apart was the ability of Plumbcraft together with Rehau to provide substantial value to the various contractors and sub-contractors by supplying a very detailed design while offering considerable backing and support at each point in the construction chain.

Plumbcraft installed 28000 meters of 20mm UFH Pink pipe and 240 meters 63mm DUO Rauthermex in-ground heating mains.



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