Auck Regional Women’s Correctional Facility

Address: Wiri, South Auckland

Client: Hawkins Construction

ARWCF is the first purpose-built women’s prison in New Zealand. The facility was built to accommodate a growing number of female prisoners and services in the upper North Island.

The facility can accommodate 286 prisoners with security classifications ranging from minimum to high-medium. ARWCF employs 167 staff.


Plumbcraft laid some 36,000 meters of 16mm Rehau Pe-Xa underfloor heating pipe.

This was a collaborative working arrangement process, whereby the client consultants, the main contractor along with Hawkins Construction worked as a team, facilitating the smooth running of this large project.

To ensure the longevity that the project warranted Plumbcraft was able to bring their experience to the fore and recommend an alternate product more suited to the project. A recommendation that was readily accepted and applied.

Plumbcraft demonstrated the flexibility and aptitude to align with standards of other construction partners to produce an underfloor heating solution on a substantial scale. The project, comprising of 38 buildings, was completed May 2006.



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