Central Heating


More and more people are learning the benefits of water based central heating. It's a natural and healthy source of warmth, which can effortlessly heat the entire house ecomonically.


Energy and cost efficiency with natural sources


Heating systems that are non-allergenic for a healthier home


Even consistent heat distribution throughout home

Why choose central heating?

With today's technology there are many different ways of heating your home - by far the most comfortable and cost efficient solution is central heating.

Warm water central heating is the most popular heating system in the UK and Europe as it delivers even, quiet, healthy, therapeutic warmth that is highly economical. Central heating is becoming a major heating option for New Zealand homes because it is ideally suited to our changeable weather and lifestyles. Many homes, especially older residences, have high stud heights and poor insulation and cannot be heated economically by other heating means. A centrally heated house will normally be cheaper to run than any other form of heating.

How central heating works

At the heart of  warm water central heating systems is the boiler, fuelled by either Natural gas, LPG, Diesel, or a wood fired RAYBURN cooker with a built in boiler.  Water is heated quietly in the boiler then circulated around the building to radiators and/or under floor pipes and (maybe) towel rails. Each radiator or under floor zone can be thermostatically controlled to maintain the perfect temperature or you can shut down a room or zone completely. The whole system is also controlled by a 7 day programmable electronic timer that fully automates the system according to your individual needs.

In some systems the boiler can also be used to heat domestic hot water via a coil inside your hot water cylinder. Swimming pools are also able to be heated via your diesel or gas boiler. As the heating load is generally intermittent and spread over an extended period, energy can be diverted to other tasks based on priority.

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