About Us


Plumbcraft had its beginnings in 1991 when Sean Stephens went out on his own and started a Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying business.  As time went by, Sean identified the value he was adding by offering a total pipework solution for his customers. With this in mind, Plumbcraft began to expand its offer to water tanks, water pumps and waste water treatment systems.

In 2000, while reviewing Plumbcraft’s offer, Rehau asked Plumbcraft to go overseas and train in underfloor heating so they could introduce Rehau underfloor heating  systems to the New Zealand market.

This was the beginning of a passion the company has in central heating which has seen Plumbcraft undertake numerous heating projects throughout the country, helping them become one of New Zealand’s leading experts in central heating.

In recent years Plumbcraft was the installer of choice for F L Bone Heating throughout New Zealand and through this association the opportunity arose for Sean and Carrie to purchase the central heating division of F L Bone Limited.  This has strengthened the offer Plumbcraft provides to its customers by having direct association with premium central heating products from the UK.

Offering a complete and unique solution for Plumbcraft customers means that a lot of our training is done in-house.  Along with Sean’s belief for passing knowledge down and improving the quality of workmanship within our industry, Plumbcraft have constantly had staff enrolled in apprenticeships since 1992, ensuring we are giving back to the industry.  

To ensure all staff keep up to date with the products and systems used, Plumbcraft has developed a training programme that upskills and improves techniques of our tradesman and apprentices on a regular basis.

Plumbcraft takes pride in the total pipework solutions they have offered for over 20 years and have plans for bringing more leading edge and innovative solutions to our customers over the next 20 years.



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5 Waimana Road, Takanini